About Us


Sensei Alphfonzo Pearsall

Sensei Alphfonzo Pearsall is the Founder and Director of New Life Ryu Aikido – Sensei Pearsall began training in Aikido in 1982 at the Brooklyn, New York, Aikido Club under Sensei Luqman. He studied there until reaching the rank of third Kyu. Sensei Pearsall has had the benefit of working extensively with an outstanding lineage of instructors. Sensei Pearsall’s first mentor was Sensei Faust, of Albany, New York, who continues to mentor him throughout his martial arts career to date.

Pearsall Sensei’s training led him to Massachusetts, studying as deshi (live-in-student) with Sensei Paul Sylvain along with Sensei Lorraine Diann (whom studied at Hombu Dojo in Japan with Master K. Chiba Sensei, a direct disciple of Aikido’s founder, Morihei Ueshiba). Over those two years, Sensei Pearsall added intense training in Iaido (quick draw with the sword) to his repertoire.

Sensei Pearsall has also undergone intensive training with traditional Japanese weapons including, the jo (52” staff) and bokken (wooden sword). From the beginning, Sensei says his focus has always been on “being the best instructor he can be”. His greatest reward has been children’s and beginners’ classes.

Sempai Marcus A. Baldwin

Sempai Marcus A. Baldwin, 1st Dan — Sempai Baldwin began his Aikido journey in 2002, under Pearsall Sensei. Marcus was originally introduced to Aikido when he began his 32 year Federal Law Enforcement career. Sempai Marcus has also served on Special Operations teams and taught defensive tactics and “use of force” throughout his career. Although, he has extensive training as a law enforcement officer, he still sought to train in Aikido to further understand the principles of using less physical force and compassion for others.

He also has a background in boxing and some Sanuces Ryu Ju Jitsu training. Additionally, Sempai Marcus assisted in training his sons in Shotokan Karate and he continues to elevate his training in Aikido and has a passion for the art.

Sempai Stacey Cameron

Sempai Stacey Cameron, 1st Dan — Sempai Stacey Cameron began her Aikido journey under the instruction of Sensei Alphfonzo Pearsall in 2000 and is currently still under his tutelage. Having a passion for martial arts, but never undergoing instruction as a child, during her sophomore year in college, Stacey asked Sensei Pearsall to teach her and so was the beginning of her Aikido exploration. Stacey is an Aikido Shodan (1st degree blackbelt) and also studies Iaido (the way of the sword). In addition to her training, Stacey teaches Aikido classes in the absence of the Chief Instructor. She is passionate about the enrichment of kids and consequently enjoys working to develop new students and children in the youth class.

When she’s not doing martial arts, Stacey can be found volunteering with her daughter’s gymnastics club, the school PTA or working with the audio visual department at her church. Stacey is excited about Aikido and life in general.